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Call for Submissions

Open for Submissions:

Length: 1 to 2 pages. Times New Roman, 12pt font, single spaced

Style: Submissions may include stories, poems, and visual art that chronicles your experiences with “The Project." Tell us what you gained and how the Project influenced your life. 

The Legacy of the National Black Women’s Health Project is well known, and when someone says: “The Project,” anyone who knows NBWHP immediately recognizes what is being referenced. The Project’s vision of “Empowerment through Wellness” was a clarion call to Black women. It was a space where Black women worked within the framework of being Black women. The NBWHP provided Black women with a safe space to explore their feelings. In the Mother House, there was an atmosphere that offered Black women the freedom to learn to heal. The harmony of “intra-diversity” buzzed; the energy was heady. There was a space for women to be their authentic selves. There was an interconnectedness rooted in love for Black women.  There was magic… and of course, the magic was manifested in doing the work. 

We are seeking submissions from former staff, board members, self-help group members and facilitators, close affiliates, chapter members, funders, writers, and trainers. Submissions should discuss how it felt when you were in the NBWHP space, what you learned, how that experience influences you now, and include any anecdotal story you feel is important. Stories and poems should be no more than two pages (New Times Roman, 12 pt., single spaced). We will also accept visual art submissions of an original photo, artwork, or collage (1 piece - jpeg per submission). We will accept only one submission per contributor. Contributors will retain all rights to their photos and artwork.

The anthology will be uniquely placed to reach Black women’s health, academic, and social justice audiences. Through print publication, the anthology will be available to a global audience.

Please note: If you don’t wish to submit a story or poem to the anthology, we invite you to send your name if you would like it to be included in the Roll Call.

All submissions must have relevance and reference time spent with the Project. 


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We hope you will consider submitting your thoughts to us for review.

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