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All About It

This collection of works will be a celebration of the NBWHP and allow participants to express their love and gratitude for their experiences at The Project. This anthology will be a collection of writings that will serve as documentation of the influence of The Project.

What are the expected outcomes?

  • Production of a herstorical and reference document.

  • To document NBWHP”s influence on black women’s wellness.

  • More women will be exposed to The Project.

  • Provide a roadmap to discussions about Sisterhood, Expressing Feelings, Healing and Trusting Black Women

The Vision

Our vision is the creation of a historical, archival reference and source document to have a written testimonial recording the experiences of women impacted by NBWHP and expose more women to the NBWHP methodologies of self-help and empowerment known as ‘The Process.’

Market Category

The anthology would fit under the market category of Anthologies, Black women’s wellness, Black women’s culture and our history of organization building, women’s health and wellness, building community organizations from an egalitarian perspective, and collective community building.


Distinguishing Features

The anthology will become a timeless reference book on the preeminent interpretation of Black women’s wellness, from both traditional and contemporary approaches, as it covers the herstory, theory, and practical application of the Project.

Specifically, the anthology is set apart from current books on the market by the  following features:


  • Comparable anthologies on Black women’s wellness on the market either discuss theory and history from an academic perspective or only provide colloquial perspectives. This anthology will bring together the origin story and a framework to make it part of a cannon for standard practices in doing the work from the perspective of those who actually did the work from its conceptual origins.


  • Within the women’s wellness and activist communities, there has been use of terms like Black girl magic and trust Black women, though few have an understanding of how or where they started. We hope this anthology will enlighten its readers.


  • None of the Black women’s wellness anthologies are about the organizational source of the concept as the birth of a movement.

Market Interest & Target Audience

Black women’s wellness as a construct has been seeping into the broader culture more prevalently in recent years. A larger swath of the general public has been exposed to the flawless capabilities and creative leadership qualities of Black women as a collective and are anxious to tap into how it’s done.

Interest in Black women’s methodologies for analysis, problem-solving, and culture creation is being pursued in every aspect of public life, whether it is in politics, social justice, civic engagement, or community organizing. People are clamoring to figure out how we do it, if for no other reason than to co-opt it.

In particular, we envision our target audiences to be both young, upcoming activists in the women’s wellness space who want to have a true source of context to point to for their work and more seasoned social and cultural thought leaders who are reminiscent of the days when origin sparks were flying, and the air was full of the energy and beauty of collective, collaborative, and Black women-centered thought was the life breath of their organizing and activism.

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