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Completing the Process:


An Anthology of recollections and thoughts from women touched by The National Black Women’s Health Project. An Anthology Celebrating the Magic and Influence of the National Black Women’s Health Project.

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The National Black Women’s Health Project Anthology

A Calling, a Reclaiming


We are calling You. This is our time for shared remembering to reclaim our lives as lived within the embrace of the former National Black Women’s Health Project, now Black Women’s Health Imperative. Together, we shall curate an anthology documenting through personal writings the magic, mystery, and moments that comprised the social/political/cultural work of the NBWHP over nearly forty years. If you build it they will come. We built it and we still come from the roots of our historic 1983 Spelman College gathering to the present day. Know this, we absolutely cannot miss the time to talk story, from our heads, and onto paper to formally document what was indeed, the local and global health revolution for black women.

We ask that you write down the reasons, re-envision the imprint and impact your involvement with NBWHP has had. This is your chance to speak to how The Project as changer, as influencer, has fundamentally shifted our minds, bodies, and spirits. Even in our re-telling we can distill and crystallize sometimes forgotten moments of organizing, advocating, and learning the process through which we could finally tell our stories to ourselves and others.  Running memory’s tender threads through our fingers we can still trip the sensory networks inviting us yet again to declare who and how we are as NBWHP sisters over nearly 40 years.  Gathering ourselves in we can yet again explore, map out critical life pathways used to deploy our NBWHP-earned assets. This is, after all, how we came to plant our feet onto the future in such rich and myriad ways. This was/is NBWHP’s impact, this is its influence on health and wellness, and we are who we have mid-wifed and ultimately birthed.

We invite you yet again to our sisterhood to examine our worlds, our wellness and healing, and our individual and collective tenacity and trust that we learned to invest in The Project.  Please join us to document the way we were, are, and have finally learned to become. Sisters, you lit the first fires so now come warm yourselves in a tight circle of reflection and memory. We have our matches, will you bring yours? 

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